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Schedule an MSK Prostaff team member Engagement

The MSK Prostaff team member is a musculoskeletal (MSK) specialist trained to assist you in addressing your specific joint or muscle issue directly. The MSK Prostaff may discuss options for care with you using various strategies to for improving your issue. You may choose a telephone or video conversation, an email delivery of exercises to address the specific problem area, or a referral to an in network specialist. Any and all of these options might apply. The good news is that it is your choice.


To ensure the best possible outcome, an understanding of your specific joint or muscle situation prior to engagement will be beneficial.


Please answer these brief questions so your interaction may be focused, and arranged on what is your best schedule.

Patient Phone Options
Joint/Muscle Group
Best Time and Day for Engagement with Me, select all that apply.*

Thank you and welcome to your pathway to musculoskeletal care through Avnew Health.

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