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Comprehensive care for individuals

Research has shown that chronic muscle and joint conditions are best managed with a strong support system and ongoing coaching-based care. if pain is ignored or only treated with medications, the condition will probably escalate overtime requiring more costly care in both time off and healthcare expenses. This can be averted with Avnew Health care management programs to help navigate treatment pathways and improve the lifestyle of participants. 

joint pain hurts!
we know!

Avnew Health provides a fully integrated care management program specific to joint and muscle pain.

Avnew Health protocols educate, engage, and restore musculoskeletal (joint and muscle) health to the individual plan participant.


Participant joint & muscle pain has the largest economic impact in healthcare plans before retirement

Avnew Health knows that focused care for joint and muscle (musculoskeletal) care reduces healthcare expenses.

Plan Sponsors need to better understand and control the cost that musculoskeletal (MSK) care has on their plan directly through health provider billing and indirectly through lost work hours and days from the pain and discomfort associated with an aging workforce.

Early education, engagement, and restoration of musculoskeletal (MSK) issues delivers both physical and economic benefits to plan sponsors and beneficiaries through Avnew Health programs.

ongoing care for joint and muscle health

Avnew Health provides ongoing chronic musculoskeletal care management through comprehensive solutions designed to the individual participant

Avnew Health programs will educate, engage and restore joint and muscle health through compliance of our programs, delivering short-term and long-term benefits to the participant and plan sponsor improving joint and muscle health into the future.

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